Handbags made of high quality cork leather

The combination of DESIGN and SUSTAINABILITY!

Are you style-conscious and modern ? Do you love fashion and design? But above all, you love the environment and the planet? Then GERNATY is the place for you. We rely on sustainable materials and timeless styles instead of plastic and fast fashion.


all advantages

Unique thanks to the natural grain

robust & soft

wipeable & water-repellent

antimicrobial & antistatic

timeless & minimalist

vegan & environmentally friendly

flexible & adaptable

modern & easy to combine

easy to care for

light weight

special eye-catcher

• only sustainable materials

no plastic

About cork leather

our philosophy

Let's be honest - there are already far too many plastic leather bags for outrageous spot prices. We offer a vegan natural material, namely cork, with a difference. Cork as leather and as an everyday companion. Away from unconscious consumption and cheap goods; towards a mindful and conscious purchase that still brings joy after repeated use. Away from several dozen imitation leather bags that are already overflowing in the wardrobe; down to a few high-quality individual pieces that really cause a stir. Minimalist, modern and
durable. Plastic is out and boring. Nature and environmental protection is now in and smart. Let yourself be surprised and get your new special companion with whom you will draw everyone's attention.

  • Why CORK?

    Cork is renewable and no tree has to die for the harvest. The cork oak can be peeled every 7 years and is active for up to 150 years. In one year, the Mediterranean cork oak forests with an area of 2.3 million hectares absorb around 14 million tons of CO2 . In addition, cork oaks store up to 30% more CO2 than other trees. The so-called cork leather is obtained from the middle layer of the cork.

  • Why bamboo?

    We use black bamboo fabric as inner lining as well as inner reinforcement. Bamboo grows up to one meter a day and can be harvested in large quantities every year without the bamboo population being reduced to the point where it would be endangered. Therefore, bamboo is a very sustainable raw material and a perfect alternative for us.

  • Why GERNATY?

    Our GERNATY brand stands for honest sustainability and the highest quality . More and more sustainable raw materials are overtaking the fashion market. With GERNATY you are one of the pioneers and trendsetters. We want to convince people of cork leather and other sustainable alternatives and simply encourage them to rethink in general. We still have many ideas in store that we can use to better protect and support the environment. And you are part of it - thank you!

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