Development in Austria - production with the idea of improvement

Our bags are lovingly designed by us in Vorarlberg and sewn several times. Since we want high and perfect quality for our complex products, we decided to work with a small Asian manufacturer . There we want to support the very experienced seamstresses with fair working conditions and fair payment .

So we made a very conscious decision to go to Asia . Asia is more known for terrible working conditions and bad economic structures, which we definitely didn't want to support. So we went on a search and personally inspected many manufactories on site and had a long dialogue. We then found our partner who really met all of our requirements.

With our rules and regulations, we want to support workers in Asia and, above all , encourage them to rethink . We believe that where working conditions are already good, we cannot improve much. In Asia, change is still needed and we want to contribute to it! Unfortunately, we Europeans often forget that Asia is dependent on Western orders and that for many workers it is the only way out of poverty . Our employees in Asia get a wage above the minimum wage , have social security and humane working hours that are also respected. They have a paid accumulation fund and the opportunity to live in a dormitory with a canteen (included in wages) for free .

An employee from Austria, who lives on site in Asia, checks the processes, quality and working conditions very precisely every week. When shipping the goods, we pay attention to the most climate- neutral way and only send large deliveries to Austria at once. We also accept the longest delivery method. Our packaging is of course also environmentally friendly.