our mission

It was always clear to us - it has to be a sustainable product. There are already far too many plastic leather bags at outrageous spot prices. But we want to steer in exactly the opposite direction. Consumers should rethink and consciously choose sustainable products that they really enjoy in the long term. We want to encourage more minimalism and frugalism . Away from unconscious consumption and cheap goods; towards a mindful and conscious purchase that still brings joy after repeated use. Away from dozens of imitation leather bags that are already overflowing in the wardrobe; down to a few high-quality individual pieces that really cause a stir. Plastic is out and boring. Nature and environmental protection is now in and smart.
The trend towards more sustainability is also reflected in the fashion world. The times when animal leather bags and fur coats were popular are over, and with good reason, because fashion can be done without harming animals or the environment. So what are you waiting for? Because doing good has never looked so good!

About the founder

I - Natalie - am the founder of GERNATY and am 24 years old. I live in western Austria, in the so-called "Ländle" or also known as Vorarlberg. I've been dreaming of starting my own label and company for 10 years. But I didn't have the right idea for a long time. I longed for an idea/product that I could stand behind 100%.
Now I can proudly say that I have found a product that I am 100% passionate about. It has always been important to me that it is a product that is sustainable and that I can bring to the woman/man with a clear conscience.
I also didn't know cork leather before and accidentally came across this wonderful material. For a long time I thought about which raw materials are environmentally friendly and not endangered. Then I also thought of cork - albeit of the famous pin board cork. But I could imagine designing something out of it. After thorough research, I came across the so-called cork leather. And what can I say - I was immediately completely in love. I then ordered some fabric sheets and tested them on my sewing machine. And the decision was made.
Each individual model has been lovingly designed by me and has been test-sewn several times. With the timeless and simple designs I want to underline the modern minimalism. The high-quality handbags should deliberately give pleasure for a long time.
My wish is to impress many people with cork leather and other eco-friendly alternatives. I hope our GERNATY brand encourages rethinking and sets an example. Personally, however, I am convinced that sustainable raw materials (especially cork leather) will soon overtake the fashion market. So we are among the pioneers and trendsetters.