Shipping Terms

The provider hands over the goods to be delivered to the shipping company within five working days after receipt of full payment. In the event of delivery obstacles or other circumstances that prevent the fulfillment of the contract, the provider will inform the customer by e-mail. The customer is not entitled to claims arising from delivery obstacles or other circumstances. However, the payment made by the customer must be returned immediately by the provider.

If the delivery to the customer fails because the customer has given the delivery address incorrectly or incompletely, a new delivery attempt will only be made if the customer bears the costs for the new shipment. The new shipping costs correspond to the shipping costs agreed upon conclusion of the contract plus € 4.90 processing costs. The provider will inform the customer of the necessary costs for a new delivery by e-mail. A new shipment will only take place after receipt of payment of these costs and the sending of the new delivery address.