bamboo fabric

Why is bamboo sustainable?

We use black bamboo fabric as inner lining as well as inner reinforcement. Bamboo grows up to one meter a day (without pesticides) and can be harvested in large quantities annually without reducing the bamboo population to the point where it would be endangered. Therefore, bamboo is a very sustainable raw material and a perfect alternative for us.

The bamboo fabric

The so-called bamboo fabric is made from fibers found deep in the inner core of bamboo grasses. The fabric feels light and very pleasantly fine, it even resembles high-quality silk. However, it is still very robust, tear-resistant and durable. Bamboo fabrics absorb up to 60% more moisture than cotton. Another advantage is its natural antiallergic and antibacterial properties.

Bamboo volume fleece as internal reinforcement

Where others use normal polyester volume fleece, we have also opted for a sustainable alternative here, namely bamboo again. The inner reinforcement consists of 100% bamboo fleece.