About cork leather

Why is cork environmentally friendly?

Cork is renewable and no tree or animal has to die for the harvest. The cork oak can be peeled every 7 years and is active for up to 150 years. In one year, the Mediterranean cork oak forests with an area of ​​2.3 million hectares absorb around 14 million tons of CO2 . In addition, cork oaks store up to 30% more CO2 than other trees.

Cork is the future!

Cork bags make you a trendsetter, because the trend towards more sustainability is also reflected in the fashion world. The times when animal leather bags and fur coats were popular are over, and with good reason, because fashion can be done without harming animals or the environment.

Summary of benefits:

  • Each bag is unique thanks to the natural grain
  • strong but soft and supple
  • wipeable and water-repellent
  • antimicrobial and antistatic
  • timeless and minimalist
  • vegan and environmentally friendly
  • flexible and adaptable
  • modern and easy to combine
  • easy to wash/care
  • extremely light
  • newfangled and special eye-catcher

How is cork leather made?

Our cork leather is produced according to traditional craftsmanship . Wine corks, for example, are produced from the inside of the peeled bark from Portugal. From the outer parts mostly floor coverings. Our cork leather can only be created from the middle layer if it meets the manufacturer's high quality requirements. The harvested barks are stacked outdoors for several months. During this time, the bark continues to mature and stabilize. After about half a year, the cork is cleaned with hot steam. In this step, the cork bark gains its flexibility. The barks are then pressed into a large sheet, which is then cut into very thin layers. These layers are then glued to a carrier material, which is usually made of cotton, with a natural and organic adhesive. The natural grain of the cork is always preserved, resulting in very interesting and, above all, unique patterns.

How does cork leather feel and how does it behave?

Cork is very pleasantly soft and supple. It is flexible, adaptable , warm and particularly light.
When you first hold your new bag in your hands, it will tend to be a little firmer, but over time it will soften and adapt to you. Comparable to real animal leather.